Supah Stah Chocolate

About the founder, Erika Wright

I started Supah Stah out of simple necessity. I couldn't find what I wanted and it was clear to me that the chocolate bars I liked could be improved upon. I knew I wanted a purer, more wholesome chocolate-eating experience; for me, that meant I wanted dark chocolate without emulsifiers or cane sugar, I wanted beneficial ingredients like medicinal mushrooms and superfoods, and I wanted high-integrity packaging that aligned with my commitment to a sustainable, plastic-free lifestyle. I decided to make the bar that I wanted to eat every day and that I felt great about feeding my kids. 

And so, a stah was born…a Supah Stah. 

Supah Stah is my commitment to being a person who produces, promotes, and perpetuates healthy food as the norm rather than the exception. I believe the norm should be organic, nutrient-dense, ethically sourced food, not the other way around. I also believe the norm should include making sacred whole foods like Cacao accessible to anyone. I hope to see Supah Stah chocolate become more and more widely accessible in the future. 

In addition to being the founder and creative force behind Supah Stah, Erika Wright also runs two other businesses, Erika Wright Counseling and Made of Stars. Erika is the mother of two young children and lives a HAPPY life with her kids, husband, and animals in the Northern Bay Area of California.