About Erika Wright, Supah Stah CEO

Supah-Stah-ErikaErika Wright created these bars out of simple necessity. After reading David Wolf's book Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, I imagined that a lot of the foods he had researched would go together very well and the first SupahStah Dark Chocolate Superfood bar was born.

Erika began making the bars for her husband and herself. They would often eat them for breakfast, before yoga or a run. The results were obvious and instant.  They found More energy AND so much delight that came from eating something so YUMMY! Erika started making them for friends and clients and the rest is history.

Erika's Mission:

I created this company AND this bar to help human beings to be HAPPY & HEALTHY. I want every person that eats this bar to FEEL BETTER. I want their bodies to HEAL and THRIVE. I want their feeling state to ELEVATE. I want a world of HAPPY HUMANS, one bar at a time. Healing people is THE MOST interesting thing in the world to me. This bar was created with THE BIG LOVE behind it. Happy humans = Happy planet.

What makes Supah Stah chocolate different?

For starters, every ingredient in our chocolate is as close to a whole food as it can be. We do NOT use emulsifiers (thickening agents) or fillers. Lots of bars have tons of other stuff in them to stretch out the Cacao…making the true experience of the Cacao dull and bringing a major focus to the sweetness only. The actual Cacao we use is exquisite…..like all our ingredients. Read more about the Cacao we use here. The Cacao that we use is WILDCRAFTED…very unique in this day and age of high tech agriculture and farming. We can taste the difference and are very grateful it’s available to US to pass on to YOU. It also has a higher mineral content and nutritional integrity.

Why no milk chocolate?

We simply haven’t gotten there yet and we’re not sure we will.

What percentage of cacao is in Supah Stah chocolate?

Supah Stah is round about 68% cacao.

How can I get Supah Stah Bars to a store near me?

Here is the current (always growing) list of stores that carry Supah Stah.

Send us an email and let us know where you want it! We’ll do our best to convince them they should carry us.

What’s up with the Superfoods and why are they so great?

Well, you can do a whole bunch o’ research about ’em online. We added them because they’re just plain old good for ya AND we like what they do with the chocolate…the texture, the flavor and so on. Supah Stah chocolate happens to be a delightful delivery system for the health food!

Is the coconut sugar in Supah Stah okay for diabetics?

Before we say ANYTHING about THAT we will say THIS. Talk to your health professional about the best options for YOU. YOU are wholly responsible for what you put in your mouth….Whew! Now that’s outta the way here’s what we think…the coconut sugar we use is minimally processed so it retains a lot of mineral and good stuff. We’ve also researched that coconut sugar is much lower on the glycemic index than many others so we think it’s a better choice!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Our  packaging is 100% recyclable. If we ship your product the box is 100% recyclable and the packing material is compostable.

Chocolate Lovers Raving About Supah Stah

Look what came in the mail today!!

"Best day EVER!! Thank you, Erika Wright, for making the most incredible, healthy, amazing, Supah tasty bar ever!!"

- K.H.

My Supah Stash

"So excited for my treats. I may even share some. Maybe not.
 Shared 3. Kept 3 for myself. And I have to admit that I am feeling kind of supah!"

- M.E.W.

Eat It!

"I just did, @supahstahchocolate and it hit tha SPOT! Thank you, @goodearthnatural for stocking the world's best chocolate!"

#supahstah #bestchocolate #superfoodbar #organicchocolate

- Stefanie Obregozo

Chocolate Superfood Deliciousness

"Today I ate my very first Supah Stah chocolate superfood deliciousness, Mulberry flavor, yum! Amazing healthy chocolate from local artisan, FeatherWitch chocolate fairy, Erika Wright!"

- A.L.


"For Valentine's weekend I am treating myself to the yummiest chocolate ever! This really rad chick I know @queenofthestarnation makes these handmade, vegan, superhealthy, superfood chocolate bars."

#supahstah #supahstah.com #healthyindulgence #eatit #cleaneating

- C.F.M.

Totally satisfies my chocolate cravings...

"I love to start AND end my days with a Supah Stah bar. They are the perfect amount of sustenance for me on the way to a morning yoga class. The energy is quick, lasting & they're not too filling. I have a serious sweet tooth and often crave something after dinner or before bed time. Supah Stah bars are so yummy, they totally satisfy my desire for chocolate and sweets and I know are so much better for me. I love them! I've probably tried hundreds of different power bars and super food bars over the years, I'm leaving them all behind and sticking with Supah Stah from here on out because they taste better and are better for me."

- A.K.

Fueling up on the road!

"I put a bunch in the rig's freezer before we left. Gave some to our friends in New Mexico, but saved a few for emergency rations!"

- K.T.

These bars will SAVE YOUR LIFE!

"Supah Stah chocolate power bars are a lifesaver! I am a new mama, a yoga teacher, and a singer in a rock n roll band so I don't have a lot of time to prepare snacks. The bars literally save me daily. I eat them for breakfast, as snacks in between meals and whenever I need a pick me up. They are totally satisfying and I feel more present, more able to focus and smarter after eating them. I get the physical energy I need too! To take care of my newborn, practice yoga and to dance and sing on stage! I learned from Erika that cocoa is often considered a treat and doesn't get the credit it deserves as a SUPER food. It is to be enjoyed anytime ALL of the time. And together with the other SUPER food ingredients these bars will SAVE YOUR LIFE!"

- N.C.

AHSOME bar...

"Supah Stah chocolate superfood bar is sooo good!! The flavor is mellow and yummy, the consistency is rich, has lots of nutrients, and I felt energized for hours after eating it. I can see that I'm gonna need to keep a supply of this AHSOME bar around at all times."

- J.R.

I am Supah Woman now!

"About to eat the most delicious, most healthy satisfying chocolate bar ON THE PLANET!"

- J.C.


"We loved having Supahstah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bar share their fabulous dark chocolate superfood at our winter solstice retreat over the weekend! Their mission is to make people HAPPY & HEALTHY with these nutritional bars because happy humans makes a happy planet. Perfect holiday gifts for everyone! Buy some here and EAT IT! Thank you!!"

#‎chocolate #‎superfood #‎wintersolstice #yoga #‎retreat #yogaretreat #‎sonoma

Thanks for the packaging!

"I am writing to you to say a great big "thank-you." Yes, I really enjoy your SupahStah chocolate bars (that's why the'y're in our house every week), but my actual thank you pertains more towards the packaging you have chosen to use. I just watched a film called "A Plastic Ocean." Hard to watch, but important for every human to see. I learned about how plastic breaks into smaller pieces but never bio-degrades. As you probably already know, sea creatures at all levels of our marine ecosystems are being killed by human-made plastic pollution. That same pollution, when it breaks into small enough pieces called "micro plastic" works its way back into the food stream and onto people's plates. I cannot in good conscience continue to consume products wrapped in single-use disposable plastic packaging. So, every time I eat (for what could be the last time) a snack food that is wrapped in conventional plastic I've been emailing the manufacturer to request they change to a more responsible package. Yours is literally the very first bar-food I've encountered that is not wrapped in petroleum. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was you! Maybe its the Fairfax flowing in our veins... Thank-you so much for doing the right thing. Rock-On!"

- K.B.


That's what's up!

"One of my most favorite ways to EAT IT...with peanut butter and raw honey. That's what's up."

#veganchocolate #paleochocolate #rawchocolate #supahstah

- The Boss Lady

THE best treat of the entire holiday season...

"Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Bah was THE best treat of the entire holiday season...I've been giving them away as gifts and getting rave reviews in return...I'm hogging my last 3 bahs, in the freezer. Your product utterly rocks, like the mad genius who made up the recipe!"

- C.C.

Best chocolate moment ever.

"The world is officially a better place now that Supah Stah bars have arrived... including every chocolate shelf in every store in the whole Universe!! Wahoo!! Best chocolate moment ever. Thank you Erika!

- K.R.

Bring on the Yum...

"I just ate a whole Mulberry bar and feel uplifted, yet not sick to my stomach. Bring on the Yum...oh yeah and my antioxidants."

- D.T.

Dark Chocolate Superfood Goodness

"I don't believe it is ANY coincidence that I served up some Supah Stah dark chocolate superfood goodness at our Sound Medicine Healing yesterday and we got the most positive response & financial offerings to date."

- A.E.J.

Eat It!

"This food is gonna save your soul, one morsel at a time. I dare you to love yourself that much! I eat it because I can follow directions on the side of the package. Now you try it!"

- C.A.

Pegacorn Stripe Logo

This is the real thing.

"Supah Stah Chocolate, not only does it taste amazing, but it's actually really good for me. These bars sustain me when I'm hungry and need a boost, and also provide me with long lasting energy. No bursts of sugary energy only to sink into a sugar crash. This is the real thing. Did I mention it tastes amazing?"

- N.A.

amazingly delicious AND super-healthy...

"Supah Stah bars are pure energy. I'm totally hooked! The chocolate is rich and buttery, the goji berries are sweet and chewy, and the chia seeds add a light crisp making this superfood bar so satisfying. SupahStah chocolate possesses the winning combination of being amazingly delicious AND super-healthy."

- S.O.