About Erika Wright, Supah Stah CEO

Supah-Stah-ErikaErika Wright created these bars out of simple necessity. After reading David Wolf's book Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, I imagined that a lot of the foods he had researched would go together very well and the first SupahStah Dark Chocolate Superfood bar was born.

Erika began making the bars for her husband and herself. They would often eat them for breakfast, before yoga or a run. The results were obvious and instant.  They found More energy AND so much delight that came from eating something so YUMMY! Erika started making them for friends and clients and the rest is history.

Erika's Mission:

I created this company AND this bar to help human beings to be HAPPY & HEALTHY. I want every person that eats this bar to FEEL BETTER. I want their bodies to HEAL and THRIVE. I want their feeling state to ELEVATE. I want a world of HAPPY HUMANS, one bar at a time. Healing people is THE MOST interesting thing in the world to me. This bar was created with THE BIG LOVE behind it. Happy humans = Happy planet.

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