• What makes Supah Stah chocolate different?

    Often commercial dark chocolate is loaded with additional ingredients used to stretch out the Cacao, upping the sweetness and dulling the experience of the Cacao itself. We skip the emulsifiers, fillers, and cane sugar, and opt for wholesome, high quality ingredients including wildcrafted Cacao.

  • What’s up with the superfoods?

    We believe in chocolate with benefits. Our Supah Stah chocolate bars maximize the benefit of eating chocolate by using superfood ingredients such as cacao, hemp seeds, maca root, medicinal mushrooms, and cinnamon.

  • What are your favorite ways to eat Supah Stah?

    1. Turn your favorite Supah Stah chocolate bar into drinking chocolate by blending half a bar with 1-1 ½ cups of your favorite hot liquid (oat milk, hot water, etc). 
    2. Grab a jar of peanut butter and smear some on your favorite bar!
    3. Savor a piece of Supah Stah chocolate topped with a little bit of ghee and a dollop of honey. Yum!
Supah Stah Chocolate
  • Is this the best kind of chocolate to give my kids?

    We feel great about feeding Supah Stah chocolate to our kids! Our chocolate uses coconut palm sugar which is lower on the glycemic index. Plus, did you know that the fat in chocolate helps the body metabolize sugar?

  • Why does Supah Stah Chocolate cost $6 per bar?

    Supah Stah believes in small-batch production to maintain the integrity of our products. While this commitment to integrity allows us to produce a chocolate bar we feel great about, it also makes production more costly and requires us to sell Supah Stah at a higher price point.

  • Is it true that you’re a plastic-free company?

    Yes! Supah Stah’s packaging is both recyclable and plastic-free. One way that we maintain our commitment to being plastic-free is by utilizing cellophane made from Eucalyptus. Pretty cool, huh?

  • How can I get Supah Stah Bars to a store near me?

    Supah Stah is not currently doing wholesale production. To purchase Supah Stah chocolate, you can place an order from us directly.

What our customers say...

AHSOME bar...

"Supah Stah chocolate superfood bar is sooo good!! The flavor is mellow and yummy, the consistency is rich, has lots of nutrients, and I felt energized for hours after eating it. I can see that I'm gonna need to keep a supply of this AHSOME bar around at all times."

- J.R.

THE best treat of the entire holiday season...

"Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Bah was THE best treat of the entire holiday season...I've been giving them away as gifts and getting rave reviews in return...I'm hogging my last 3 bahs, in the freezer. Your product utterly rocks!"

- C.C.

Eat It!

"This food is gonna save your soul, one morsel at a time. I dare you to love yourself that much! I eat it because I can follow directions on the side of the package. Now you try it!"

- C.A.