Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bar
Supah Stah Chocolate

About the chocolate

Every ingredient in Supah Stah chocolate is as close to a whole food as it can be. We skip the emulsifiers, fillers, cane sugars, and other ingredients common in commercial dark chocolate bars, and instead, we just stick to the good stuff. We use wildcrafted Cacao which has higher mineral content and nutritional integrity than much of the Cacao produced in this time of industrial agriculture. We can taste the difference and we are excited for you to taste it, too. 

Get to know each bar

Stahless Night - An unadulterated, pure Cacao experience. The “Stahless Night” bar is a versatile Cacao product for people who like to cook, bake, drink or pray with Cacao. This is also a great option for people who have a preference or necessity for a sugar-free diet.

Medicinal Mushroom - A deeply rich and earthy chocolate experience. With over 2 grams of medicinal mushrooms in each bar, this Supah Stah treat provides all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms combined with the decadence and deliciousness of high-quality Cacao.

70% Cacao - An intense dark chocolate flavor with a smooth texture. We obviously *love* dark chocolate, but sometimes the texture is gritty. In our “Naked” bar, we blend in hemp seeds (an amazing superfood) to create a creamier texture without compromising the enjoyable intensity of the Cacao.