Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bar
Supah Stah Chocolate

About the chocolate

Every ingredient in Supah Stah chocolate is as close to a whole food as it can be. We skip the emulsifiers, fillers, cane sugars, and other ingredients common in commercial dark chocolate bars, and instead, we just stick to the good stuff. We use wildcrafted Cacao which has higher mineral content and nutritional integrity than much of the Cacao produced in this time of industrial agriculture. We can taste the difference and we are excited for you to taste it, too. 

Get to know each bar

Stahless Night - An unadulterated, pure Cacao experience. The “Stahless Night” bar is a versatile Cacao product for people who like to cook, bake, drink or pray with Cacao. This is also a great option for people who have a preference or necessity for a sugar-free diet.

Medicinal Mushroom - A deeply rich and earthy chocolate experience. With over 2 grams of medicinal mushrooms in each bar, this Supah Stah treat provides all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms combined with the decadence and deliciousness of high-quality Cacao.

70% Cacao - An intense dark chocolate flavor with a smooth texture. We obviously *love* dark chocolate, but sometimes the texture is gritty. In our “Naked” bar, we blend in hemp seeds (an amazing superfood) to create a creamier texture without compromising the enjoyable intensity of the Cacao. 

Supah Stah Chocolate

About the company

Supah Stah has a vision and mission to offer you better chocolate. Period. 

Better chocolate doesn’t just taste better, it feels better - for you and for the planet. Supah Stah is a company committed to happiness and health at every level. We make better choices about how we make our chocolate, what we put (and don’t put) in our chocolate, and how we package our chocolate so that you can experience all the happiness and health that are the inevitable result of those choices. 

Supah Stah was founded in 2013 and was available for retail purchase across the Bay Area until 2020. Supah Stah has now re-launched at the community level. We are less “go big or go home” and more “stay home and eat locally-made chocolate.”

Supah Stah Chocolate

About the founder, Erika Wright

I started Supah Stah out of simple necessity. I couldn't find what I wanted and it was clear to me that the chocolate bars I liked could be improved upon. I knew I wanted a purer, more wholesome chocolate-eating experience; for me, that meant I wanted dark chocolate without emulsifiers or cane sugar, I wanted beneficial ingredients like medicinal mushrooms and superfoods, and I wanted high-integrity packaging that aligned with my commitment to a sustainable, plastic-free lifestyle. I decided to make the bar that I wanted to eat every day and that I felt great about feeding my kids. 

And so, a stah was born…a Supah Stah. 

Supah Stah is my commitment to being a person who produces, promotes, and perpetuates healthy food as the norm rather than the exception. I believe the norm should be organic, nutrient-dense, ethically sourced food, not the other way around. I also believe the norm should include making sacred whole foods like Cacao accessible to anyone. I hope to see Supah Stah chocolate become more and more widely accessible in the future. 

In addition to being the founder and creative force behind Supah Stah, Erika Wright also runs two other businesses, Erika Wright Counseling and Made of Stars. Erika is the mother of two young children and lives a HAPPY life with her kids, husband, and animals in the Northern Bay Area of California.